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This site is simply to help Florida Food Stamps applicants find information they are looking for. Our goal is to help ease user frustration by assisting those interested in applying for Florida Food Stamps in finding answers to their questions. If you have any questions specific to your Florida Food Stamps application or Food Stamps EBT Card Account, please contact the Department of Children and Families directly. Please DO NOT email any confidential information to us as we are unable to help.

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24 thoughts on “Contact Florida Food Stamps Help

  1. I made an error on my application today. I put in the wrong amount for my wife’s insurance at work…the payment is significantly higher that the one I put on the application. Could some one let me know how I can fix this. Thank you.

  2. on april 16 i recived a letter saying my food stamps have been approved an i should have 83.00 cash and 80.00 in food stamps for march and 347.00 for april i still have my card but it said has been terminated what do i do
    thank you

  3. was deny,need to know what is missing,i had my payroll dept,faxs my pay stubs in,,thanks artie sandora

  4. I would like to know when my food stamps are added, by receiving a text on my cell phone? How do I go about this?

  5. I still have no information on why my Food Stamp and Buy-In status are ‘pended’. In the meantime, I’m having to ‘scrounge’ for food. I’m Diabetic and am not getting the assistance I need. I receive $750 per month SSA and am unable to work. Why is my case on hold?

  6. is it possible to increase my food stamps just a little? i still don’t have a job and it sure would help a lot. thank you very much.

  7. I need help getting to the page to start the application over for the foodstamps the lady said when you get the letter you got to do it like you have never had acount before

  8. I recently apply for a job at Dennys and the manager ask me if I recieved food stamp.I told her I was denied.She told me the screen that had pop up only if I received food stamp.I want to make sure that no-one is using my information

  9. I assist clients with living skills. They frequently get ‘review’ notices, which seems impossible to do online. We end up wasting hours trying to call, or driving nearly an hr, one way to the ‘food stamp store’, and still have trouble figuring out how to accomplish a review online. What in the world am I missing??


  11. ya do not under stand, it over a month approve. then said we make a lot of money of month, sent in pay stud and still cannot get food stamps what is going on,15 dollars really what can I do with this much money will send it the white house I will tell them to have a snack on me. serve in the army and paid thousand in taxes I need help now not later wow maybe we send ya money,

  12. I will be in the state of Pa. this month….Will I be able to use my ACCESS food card there ?????

    1. why reduce in foodstamps and florida can’t help me get a roof over my headonly natives ,can’t even shelter also tried and they didn’t want me, I can’t sleep on no mat on no floor ,call me at 6463845091 America, you made me sick and homeless.fromm159-to134- people don’t know the law about food stamps I tell no one nothing , case #1168878861

  13. cannot get my password changed they tell me security answers do not match.they are same ones they I have always used now there is a lock on my account.what can I do?

  14. Case #640292109
    ICE 904-556-4045
    I have been calling this office since the 11th of July and the call volume is so high I am unable to make contact. I sent in a hard copy of my renewal three months ago. But, as of the 11th of this month the balance on my EBT food allowance card remains at $0.00. I’ve had no contact from this office stating that I would no longer be receiving a food allowance or increase/decrease of allotment amount issued by the EBT food assistance program. Since I am unable to reach you by phone, mail, or internet to reapply I would appreciate it if you would please call me to expedite an emergency food assistance on my EBT card.
    Much thanks,

  15. It seems obvious that this agency cares very little about the needs of Florida citizens. Excuse me for needing occasional help; and excuse me for being a 56 yr. old white male. One of your “customer service” reps had the nerve to speak over me- then hung up abruptly(bum’s rush). This agency should be ashamed the way it treats people. I have been trying for almost 2 months to get a little help. Thank goodness for my landlord carrying me and not throwing me out. It is very hard to get anyone (no less a qualified, concerned individual)on the phone; I believe this is an intentional way of avoidance.
    I hope some day that those same agency employees need some charitable help.

  16. I need to reapply by submitting my review but cannot get it on the computer. That is for food assistance. What do I do now?

  17. i dint my application on 04/14/2016 now it said it was completed this is the apply n 669599589 it said apply was completed on 04/14/2016 am on line now looking at it i call you they said they don,t have my apply be i see it i want my food stamp soon i call you and you don,t man you not doing your job what i have to do now e mail me soon to let what,s going on i want my food soon and the time that i was geting them

  18. Today I put my correct user name /password but I got a message saying maximum attempts your account locked. I only put in once & it was correct.. Is there a waiting period before it unlocks or do I have to call customer service, please advise ?
    Thank you

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