"What you can buy with Florida EBT card"

What can I buy with Florida EBT card?

If you have been issued a Florida SNAP EBT Card, you are probably wondering – What can I buy with Florida EBT card? We can answer that question for you.

In this post, we will provide the list of eligible food stamps items, including what you can and cannot buy with your EBT Card.

First, we will provide a list of places you can use your Florida Card

Also, we will explain how you can use your Florida EBT card to shop online for groceries for delivery.

Next, we will provide the list of food items you can purchase with your EBT card.

Lastly, we will answer the most frequently asked questions about foods you can and cannot buy with Florida EBT.

"What kind of groceries can you buy with Florida EBT"

This post will cover:

  • What stores accept Florida EBT cards online?
  • What you can buy with Florida EBT card
  • Florida Eligible Food Items FAQs

What stores accept Florida EBT cards online?

Both Walmart and Amazon accept Florida EBT online for delivery.

Additionally, the following grocery stores accept Florida EBT through the Instacart mobile app:

  • Aldi
  • Publix

Furthermore, the following grocery stores accept Florida EBT for curbside pickup:

  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Kroger

For more details on this, see our post on Buying Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card.

What you can buy with Florida EBT card

Florida benefits can be used to purchase any food EXCEPT heated foods.

See below for the complete list of foods you are allowed to buy.

Additionally, we have listed below foods that you CANNOT buy with your Florida EBT card.

Here is the list of food items you are allowed to purchase with your SNAP Benefits card:

  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • meats, fish, poultry
  • deli meats and steak
  • dairy products
  • breads
  • cereals
  • seeds and plants that produce food for the household
  • soft drinks
  • candy
  • cookies
  • snack crackers
  • ice cream
  • energy drinks (must have a nutrition label)
  • live seafood, such as lobster, fish, and shellfish
  • pumpkins (as long as they are edible)
  • birthday cakes (the non-edible piece of the cake cannot exceed 50 percent)
  • bakery items

Here’s what you CANNOT buy with your SNAP benefits:

    • Alcoholic beverages
    • tobacco products
    • hot food (prepared for immediate consumption)
    • Nonfood items
    • pet foods
    • soaps
    • paper products
    • medicines and vitamins
    • household supplies
    • grooming items
  • cosmetics

The video below, provided by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) explains in detail what you can and cannot buy with your Florida EBT/SNAP card.

Florida EBT Eligible Food Items FAQs

We usually get questions from our readers about specific food items so we have provided answers to the most frequently asked items.

Is Baby Formula Allowed under SNAP?

Yes, you can use your Florida SNAP EBT benefits to buy baby food. This includes infant formula, cereals, juices, baby food, and any other eligible food item.

Are Diapers and Baby Wipes Eligible for Purchase with EBT?

Unfortunately, No! You cannot use your Florida SNAP benefits to buy baby diapers or baby wipes, as they are not food items.

Furthermore, Hygiene items like soaps, deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, and cosmetics can’t be purchased using SNAP.

Can you buy alcohol with an EBT card?

No, You can’t use an EBT to buy alcohol. If a store is allowing EBT purchases of prohibited items, the owner could be fined and face losing their ability to sell alcohol and could face jail time.

Can you buy energy drinks with EBT?

Yes. Energy drinks that include nutrition facts labels qualify as “food items” and are eligible for purchase with EBT.

However, if your energy drink carries a supplement facts label, it falls under the same category as “vitamins and medicines” and cannot be purchased with SNAP EBT.

Do farmers’ markets accept Florida SNAP?

Yes, Farmers’ markets across Florida accept EBT Cards.

The USDA National Farmers Market Directory lists farmers’ markets that accept EBT and other federal nutrition programs. Click here to see the list.

Additionally, with the Fresh Access Bucks (FAB) program, you can double your EBT dollars at Farmers’ markets.

The Fresh Access Bucks is a USDA-funded statewide nutrition incentive program that increases the purchasing power of SNAP recipients to buy fresh fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets.

The program also extends to purchases made at produce stands, CSAs, mobile markets, and community grocery outlets.

Currently, there is unlimited matching through December 2021 as shown by the image below. Click here to learn more.

"Florida EBT Fresh Access Bucks Program"

Can you buy cold rotisserie chicken with Florida EBT?

No, you cannot use your SNAP EBT card to purchase rotisserie chicken because the SNAP program prohibits spending your benefits on hot foods.

Is Dog food Eligible under SNAP EBT?

No. You can only use SNAP benefits to buy “foods for the household to eat,” such as breads and cereals; fruits and vegetables; meats, fish and poultry; and dairy products.

Dog food, therefore, does not qualify.

Can I buy a Birthday Cake with EBT Card?

Birthday and other special occasion cakes are eligible for purchase with SNAP benefits as long as the value of non-edible decorations does not exceed 50 percent of the purchase price of the cake.

Are Vitamins and Supplements Allowed under Florida SNAP?

Regarding vitamins, medicines, and supplements, if an item has a Supplement Facts label, it is considered a supplement and is not eligible for purchase with SNAP EBT Card.

Can I buy deli food with SNAP EBT?

Per USDA policy, you are not allowed to use your EBT card to buy food you can eat at the premises or hot food in general.

You are only allowed to buy food you are taking home to prepare.

Therefore, you can buy deli meats and cheeses and cold uncooked items from the deli with your EBT card that you are going to take home to prepare

What you can buy with Florida EBT card Summary

Here’s the bottom line:

Florida benefits can be used to purchase any food EXCEPT heated foods.

Furthermore, You CANNOT use Florida benefits to buy non-food items, including Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco.

Lastly, your EBT card cannot be used to buy Diapers, Dog Food, Rotisserie Chicken or Deli Sandwiches, or hot food.


We hope this post on what you can buy with Florida EBT card was helpful.

If you have further questions about the Florida EBT Card or Florida SNAP benefits in general, please let us know in the comments section below.

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