Food Bank in Jacksonsville FL Locations

If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, and need immediate help with free food now, food banks, food pantries, and soup kitchens are a great place to start. In Jacksonville, there are over 30 food banks and food pantries. This article will provide you with a complete list of food bank in Jacksonville, FL locations, including addresses and phone numbers.

The quickest way to get free food now is through food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens. We have provided below the list of food pantries in Jacksonville, Florida.

Continue reading below to see the complete list of food pantries and food bank locations near you.

However, over the long term, Florida food stamp (SNAP) benefits offer another way to get access to nutritious food, if you are struggling to provide food for your household.

To see if you qualify for food stamps, see our Florida Food Stamps Eligibility Guide.

In addition, if you are eligible for food stamps and have little or no income, you may qualify for expedited processing of your application through the Emergency Food Stamps Program.

If you are found to be eligible for expedited SNAP processing, you will get your food stamps benefits in 5 days.

For details on how to apply for SNAP benefits in Jacksonville, Florida and details about expedited processing, continue reading below.

List of food bank locations in Jacksonville, FL

What is a Food Bank?

A food bank is a non-profit that safely stores millions of pounds of food that will soon be delivered to local food programs, like a food pantry.

Food banks range in size, with some being double the size of a Costco wholesale store.

The food they store is donated from local neighbors, retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants.

To get the food into the hands of the community, food banks hire drivers to make the deliveries. Every food bank serves a specific area that varies in size.

How different is a food bank from a food pantry?

A food pantry is a distribution center where hungry families can receive food. Supplied with food from a food bank, pantries feed hundreds of people per week!

At a mobile pantry, truckloads of food are distributed to people in pre-packed boxes or displayed on folding tables like a farmer’s market.

List of Free Food Banks in Jacksonville, FL

Here is the list of all the free food pantry and food bank locations in Jacksonville FL, including addresses and phone numbers.

Additionally, some of the food banks and pantries listed below offer food stamps pre-screening services for free.

This is to help you determine if you qualify for food stamp benefits in Florida.

There are over 30 food pantry and food banks in Jacksonville, Florida that can provide you with immediate food help.

See the complete list of the free food bank in Jacksonville, FL below:

Arlington Community Services

1450 Rogero Road
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Phone: (904) 503-8496

Arlington Market Pantry

9501 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32225

Phone: (904) 339-5125

Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry

850 6th Avenue S.
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Phone: (904) 241-2326

Catholic Charities

1470 West 13th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Phone: (904) 354-3416

Catholic Charities Food Distribution Center

40 E Adams Street, Suite 320
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: (904) 354-4846

Central Church of the Nazarene

2130 University Blvd. N
Jacksonville, FL 32211

Phone: (904) 743-2044

City Rescue Mission – New Life Inn – Food Distribution Center

234 W State Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Clara White Mission

613 W. Ashley Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: (904) 354-4162
Fax: (904) 791-4360

Daily Manna Serving Center

2659 Edison Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 525-1746

Deermeadows Church Food Pantry

9780 Baymeadows Road
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: (904) 642-2200

Downtown Ecumenical Service Center

215 N Ocean Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Phone: (904) 358-7955

Feeding Northeast Florida

1116 Edgewood Ave N
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 513-1333

Gleaners Dispatch

8207 103rd Street
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: (904) 777-6344

Global Relief of NE FL

1030 Baisden Road
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Phone: (904) 434-0144

Hillcrest First Saturday Ministries

7673 Collins Road
Jacksonville, FL 32244

Phone: (904) 779-9033

Household of Faith Church – Food Distribution Center

1410 Edgewood Ave W, Jacksonville, FL 32208
Phone: (904) 764-8400

Infinite Beginnings Food Bank

Address: 3116 W 6th Street
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 236-1402

Infinite Beginnings Food Bank

3964 Jaguar Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32254

Phone: (904) 236-1402

Jewish Family & Community Services

6261 Dupont Station Court E
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Phone: (904) 448-1933

Lord’s Pantry – Food Distribution Center

5536 Ortega Farms Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32210

Phone: (904) 573-1333

Lutheran Social Services Of Northeast Florida

4615 Philips Highway
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (904) 448-5995

Mandarin Food Bank

11757 Old Saint Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32258

Phone: (904) 268-5422

Morning Glory Christian Fellowship – Food Distribution Center

2742 Paul Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (904) 887-2929

Redeemer Episcopal

7500 Southside Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Phone: (904) 642-4575

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church – Food Pantry

1924 Laura Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206

Phone: (904) 354-5075

Salvation Army – Jacksonville

900 W. Adams
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Phone: (904) 356-8641

Salvation Army Towers Center of Hope Food Pantry

140 N Davis Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Phone: (904) 355-5239

Spirit of Life Lutheran Church Emergency Food Pantry

2636 New Berlin Road
Jacksonville, FL 32226

Phone: (904) 757-9114

The LJD Jewish Family & Community Services – Food Pantry Location

6261 Dupont Station Court
Jacksonville, FL 32217

Phone: (904) 448-1933

UCOM UrbanServ, Inc

3349 St Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone: (904) 396-2401

Jacksonville Florida Food Stamps Guide for 2022

How to Qualify for Florida SNAP Benefits

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits help you pay for food.

You can use SNAP and Florida EBT benefits to shop for food at grocery stores, supermarkets, and farmer’s markets.

Anyone can apply for SNAP benefits. You may be eligible even if you have a job, receive SSI or disability benefits, own a home, or own a car.

Who is Eligible for Food Stamps in Jacksonville Florida?

The categories of people that are eligible for food assistance in Jacksonville, FL include:

  • Any Florida household or individual (including homeless) with no or low income
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients
  • College students who meet eligibility requirements
  • Legal permanent residents and qualified immigrants
  • Elderly (age 60 or older) and disabled household members

If you are eligible and approved for benefits, you will receive SNAP benefits within 30 days.

Additionally, certain households with little income or savings, or with high housing costs, can receive SNAP benefits within five days (see below for details).

For details about Florida SNAP eligibility and how to apply in Jacksonville, visit our Jacksonville FL Food Stamps Guide or continue reading below.

How to Get Emergency SNAP in Florida

If your household has little or no money and needs food assistance right away, you may qualify for “expedited” or Emergency SNAP benefits.

You may be eligible for expedited SNAP if you meet one of the following:

  • Your household has $100 or less in liquid resources and less than $150 in gross monthly income.
  • You are a migrant or seasonal farmworker household with $100 or less in liquid resources and you have not received any income since you applied for SNAP.
  • Your household’s monthly income and liquid resources together are less than the total of your monthly rent or mortgage and heating costs and utilities (electricity, telephone, and water).
If you do qualify, you will receive your initial food stamp benefit payment within 7 days.
However, you will still have to complete the eligibility process and supply the requested documentation at a later date.
For step-by-step instructions on how to get expedited SNAP benefits in Florida, see our post on how to get expedited food stamps in Florida.

Apply for Food Stamps in Jacksonville Florida

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Jacksonville, FL

There are three ways you can apply for food stamps in Jacksonville, Florida – online, in-person, or by phone (or fax).

Option 1 – Online at ACCESS Florida

The easiest and quickest way to apply for Florida Food Stamps in Duval or Nassau County is online at the My ACCESS Florida website.

You can complete and submit for Florida Food Stamps application online through the ACCESS Florida website by visiting

Option 2 – By Phone 

You can call your local Jacksonville, Florida food stamps office or county DCF office to apply for food stamp benefits by phone or to have an application mailed to you.

Here is the number to call:

Jacksonville FL DCF Customer Service Phone Number: 904-723-2000

You can complete the paper SNAP Application and return it to the Duval or Nassau County DCF office for processing.

Jacksonville FL Food Stamps Application

If you are completing your Florida SNAP Application by phone or fax, download the Florida Food Stamps SNAP Application.

Option 3 – In Person

Lastly, you can apply for food stamps in Jacksonville, Florida in person at any of the Jacksonville, FL DCF offices.

To locate the Florida DCF Office in Duval or Nassau County near you, continue reading below.

After you submit an application, you will be contacted by an eligibility worker to complete the online application.

Food Bank in Jacksonville FL Summary

We hope this post on the Food Pantry and Food Bank locations in Jacksonville FL was helpful to you!

To find more food pantry and food bank locations in Florida, check out our Orlando Food Bank guide, Clearwater Food Bank guide or Miami Food Bank guide.

If you have more questions about your Florida EBT or SNAP Benefits, please let us know in the comments section below.

For more help on what and where you can use your Florida EBT Card, check out our other articles here:

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