If you are wondering, “How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps per month”, we can help you. In this post, we will explain Florida food stamps eligibility, income limit, and how to calculate how much in benefits you are likely to receive in 2021 based on your household income.

"How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps"

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  • Florida Food Stamps Explained
  • Determine Florida Food Stamps Eligibility
  • Florida Food Stamps Income Limit – 2021
  • How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps?
  • How to Calculate Florida Food Stamps Amount
  • Apply for Florida Food Stamps
  • FAQs about Florida Food Stamps

Florida Food Stamps Explained

The Florida Food Assistance (also known as SNAP or Food Stamps) helps low-income individuals and families buy food needed for good health.

If you meet the program guidelines, you will get a special debit card (called an EBT Card).

Each month, your food stamps benefits are loaded onto your Florida EBT card, which you can use to purchase approved food items at grocery stores and most farmers’ markets.

Florida SNAP program is fun by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Determine Florida Food Stamps Eligibility

If you want to apply for Florida SNAP program benefits, you will need to meet the program eligibility requirements.

Here is a quick review of the Florida food stamps eligibility rules:

To get Florida food stamps, you must:

  • Live in the state of Florida;
  • Provide proof of citizenship or have a qualified non-citizen status;
  • Provide proof of your Social Security number or proof that you have applied for a Social Security number;
  • Meet income and financial resource limits;
  • Meet work requirements; and
  • Cooperate with child support enforcement (if applicable).

Who Makes up a SNAP Household?

A SNAP household is made up of all the people who live together and purchase and prepare food together.

Additionally, some people are required to be considered as the same household even if they do not purchase and prepare food together.

These people are:

  • Spouses living at the same address,
  • Children under age 22 living with their parents, and
  • Children under age 18 who are under the parental control of the head of household.

Asset Limits

Most food assistance households may have assets such as vehicles, bank accounts, or property and still get help from the Florida SNAP program.

Additionally, households with a disqualified member must meet an asset limit of $2,250 or $3,250 (if the household contains an elderly or disabled member).

Income Limits

To be eligible for Florida Food Stamps, your household must meet certain income limits.

Most households must have a gross income less than or equal to twice the Federal Poverty Level (FPL).

Additionally, households with at least one person who is elderly (age 60 or older) or disabled must have a net income less than the Federal Poverty Level.

Below is the federal poverty level for 2020 according to the Departmenbt of Health and Human Services (HHS):

Federal Poverty Level

Number of People in Household 48 States & DC Alaska Hawaii
1 $12,760 $15,950 $14,680
2 $17,240 $21,550 $19,830
3 $21,720 $27,150 $24,980
4 $26,200 $32,750 $30,130
5 $30,680 $38,350 $35,280
6 $35,160 $43,950 $40,430
7 $39,640 $49,550 $45,580
8 $44,120 $55,150 $50,730
For nine or more, add this amount for each additional person $4,480 $5,600 $5,150

Based on the National Poverty guidelines above, the following food stamps income limit chart is calculated by the USDA.

Net income means gross income minus allowable deductions.  Gross income means a household’s total, non-excluded income, before any deductions have been made.

Under Federal law, all income is counted to determine eligibility for SNAP unless it is explicitly excluded.

Florida Food Stamps Income Limits – 2021

Most households must have a total gross monthly income less than or equal to 200% of the federal poverty level, to be potentially eligible for SNAP in Florida.

Number of People in Household Maximum Gross Income Allowed – 200% Federal Poverty Level Maximum Net Income Allowed – 100% Federal Poverty Level
1 $2,128 $1,064
2 $2,874 $1,437
3 $3,620 $1,810
4 $4,368 $2,184
5 $5,114 $2,557
6 $5,860 $2,930
7 $6,608 $3,304
8 $7,354 $3,677
Each Additional Member +748 +377

Florida Food Stamps Allowable Deductions

Deductions are expenses subtracted from the household’s gross income when determining the food assistance benefits for a month.

Florida SNAP deductions include:

  • 20% deduction from earned income;
  • Standard deduction based on household size;
  • Cost of child care when needed to work, seek work or attend training for work;
  • Medical expenses more than $35 for elderly or disabled household members;
  • Court-ordered child support payments paid to non-household members; or
  • A portion of shelter and utility costs

How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps?

Use the chart below to find the Maximum SNAP Allotment Amount for your household size.

Note: If you already get the maximum SNAP benefit, you will get 15% more than the maximum allotment for your household size through September 2021.

The 2021 maximum SNAP allotments for the District of Columbia and all states other than Alaska and Hawaii are as follows:

Household Size Maximum Monthly Benefit – Fiscal Year 2021 Temporary 15% increase 1/1/21-9/30/21
1 $204 $234
2 $374 $430
3 $535 $616
4 $680 $782
5 $807 $929
6 $969 $1,114
7 $1,071 $1,232
8 $1,224 $1,408
Each additional person $153 $176

How to Calculate Florida Food Stamps Amount

Here’s how to calculate how much you will receive in SNAP benefits in Florida based on your income and allowable deductions.

This example is provided by the CBPP.

Consider a family of three with the that has:

  • One full-time, minimum-wage worker
  • Two children
  • Dependent care costs of $77 a month
  • Shelter costs of $964 per month

Here’s how you will calculate how much that family will get in Florida food stamps each month:

Step 1 — Gross Income

The federal minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. Since the person is working full time, they will make $1,256 a month.

This is their Gross Income.

Next, we will calculate their net income:

Step 2 — Net Income for Shelter Deduction

Begin with the gross monthly earnings of $1,256.

Next, subtract the standard deduction for a three-person household ($167), the earnings deduction (20 percent times $1,256, or $251), and the child care deduction ($77).

After these deductions, you are left with $761. This is their “Countable Income A”.

Step 3 — Shelter Deduction

Begin with the shelter costs of $964. Subtract half of Countable Income A (half of $761 rounds to $381) for a result of $583.

Step 4 — Net Income

Next, subtract the shelter deduction ($583) from Countable Income A ($761) for a result of $178.

Step 5 — Family’s Expected Contribution Towards Food

According to USDA guidelines, it is expected that households will spend 30% of their net income on food.

Therefore, 30 percent of the household’s net income ($178) is about $53.

Step 6 — Determine SNAP Benefit for Household

According to the table above, the maximum SNAP benefit in 2021 for a family of three is $535.

Therefore, the maximum benefit minus the household contribution ($535 minus $53) equals about $482.

As a result, the family’s estimated monthly Florida SNAP benefit amount is $482.

This is the amount we estimate they will be getting each month on their Florida EBT card.

However, to get the exact amount your family will get in Florida SNAP benefits, you will have to apply and have your situation reviewed by a caseworker.

Here’s how to apply for SNAP in Florida:

Apply for Florida Food Stamps

There are 3 ways you can apply for food stamps in Florida.

Option 1 – Apply online

You can apply online through the Florida ACCESS account (as shown in the image below). If you have an account, you can log in or create your MyACCESS Account. Click here to be taken to the website.

Option 2 – Apply at DCF Office Near You

You can apply in person at the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) office near you. Click here to locate a DCF office.

Option 3 – Download Florida SNAP Application

You can download an application, complete it and mail it to your county DCF office or submit it in person.

"Apply for SNAP in Florida"

FAQs about Florida SNAP Benefits

Here are the most frequently asked questions about SNAP benefits in Florida:

Who qualifies for the extra 15% in SNAP benefits?

Any household that is currently participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and receiving SNAP EBT benefits qualifies for extra food stamp Emergency Allotment (EA) benefits.

In addition, any household that is approved for SNAP EBT in a month when EA benefits are issued, will also qualify to receive extra food stamp benefits.

To find out how much you can expect to receive in extra SNAP benefits, continue reading below.

P-EBT benefits have also been extended through summer 2021.

Can I buy deli food with Florida SNAP EBT?

Per USDA policy, you are not allowed to use your EBT card to buy food you can eat at the premises or hot food in general.

You are only allowed to buy food you are taking home to prepare.

Therefore, you can buy deli meats and cheeses and cold uncooked items from the deli with your EBT card that you are going to take home to prepare.

Also, since Florida does not participate in the Restaurant Meals Program, you cannot use your EBT card at restaurants or fast food places.

What Grocery Stores Accept Florida EBT for Delivery?

0n April 21, 2020, both Walmart and Amazon will begin accepting online purchasing with Florida EBT statewide.

Additionally, the following grocery stores accept Florida EBT through the Instacart mobile app:

  • Aldi
  • Publix

For more details on this, see our post on Buying Groceries Online with Florida EBT Card.

Can undocumented immigrants get Florida SNAP?

No. Undocumented immigrants are not (and never have been) eligible for Florida SNAP benefits.

Documented immigrants can only receive SNAP benefits if they have resided within the United States for at least five years.

There are however some exceptions for refugees, children, and individuals receiving asylum.

How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps Summary?

Here’s the bottom line:

SNAP benefits help limited-income individuals and families buy the food they need in order to stay healthy.

How much you will receive depends on how many people are in your household and the net monthly income of your household.

To be eligible for food stamps, a household’s income and resources must meet three tests.

These are Gross Income, Net Income, and Assets Test.

There are three ways you can apply for Florida SNAP benefits: Online, In Person, and by Downloading the Application.


We hope this post on the topic “How much will I get in Florida Food Stamps” was helpful.

If you have further questions about Florida SNAP or EBT Card, please let us know in the comments section below.

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