8 comments on “How to Check Florida EBT Balance
  1. james price says:

    hi i summited all the nessasry information that your office requested and i need to know when i can recieve my food stamp benifits. please email me back at this adders or please call me at 561-602-2995 a.s.a.p. thank you james price

  2. i have been trying to cancel my benefits for the last three months i am in darlington sc an i cant get my foodstamps transferrred or medcaid please return my phone call 843-992-4311

  3. Rebecca L Lynch says:

    I recently was approved for $16 worth of food stamps however…when I recieved my letter of approval and then my card, I noticed that my name is wrong on both. My middle initial is “L” for Lenore but somehow it is printed as “S”..What can you do to have this corrected. I am concerned because of this error that I will not be able to utilize my medicaid/food stamps.

  4. Noel Grace says:

    This is my 3rd attempt to have my benefit restored with no response from the department. If there is additional information or documents required please let me know. I live in Palm Beach county let me know if there is a center here where I can go to have it resolved. I am destitute as I am disabled & bionic I need food to survive.

  5. wayne m kenney says:

    How do I update my address so I can use the ebt card. right now the balance says zero and I was told i need to update my address to receive food stamp benefits

  6. rosa m.velazquez says:

    Some one. help me My douhter need medicine
    And My medicaid not coming yet.have to pay.
    Forma it.

  7. Martha Ocean says:

    I would like to know what day of each month my foodstamps balance is available.

  8. RANDY KOHN says:

    when do I receive my next food benfiets for aug

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